Visiting Lagos – Why You Should
August 17, 2017

The city of Lagos is a top destination to visit in West Africa. Fondly called Lasgidi, the city is always buzzing with activities – commercial, entertainment, and culture. There have been several references to Lagos as the New York of Africa and it is for obvious reasons. The city is known for its energy emanating from the youthful population, the nightlife, gridlock movements during rush hours, rich nightlife, beaches, hotels, restaurants and growing expensive real estate. The city gets to enjoy a lot of business visits but it is also a good place for vacation. If you are to visit, there are many luxury and affordable accommodation in Lagos for any type of visitor. Here are why you should visit


  • Lagos Party, Beaches, and Resorts

It is said that there is no party like the Lagos party. Usually starting from Thursday, the people are getting ready for the weekend and that means to party hard. The clubs are popping and the street is filled with different celebrations. Every little step in life get celebrated by the people and you can easily attend and enjoy it. Lagos also has many beaches you can visit for the cool breeze, scenery, and fun. With Epe Resort, Whispering Palms Resort, Golden Tulip and other awesome resorts and hotels, you are assured of a wonderful stay while in the city.


  • Home of entertainment

You must have heard about Afrobeat and other genres of music pushed worldwide by Nigerians. From old generation artists like King Sunny Ade, Fela to the newer generation artists like Wizkid and Davido, Lagos is the home of music and you should get to see the origin of it all.

There is so entertaining in Lagos, from the big parties to the small shops on the side playing music and selling drinks. The clubs are popping and Nigerian music is really swaying. You can go club hopping, where you are likely to see the superstars of the industry. For lovers of live music, you can get a taste of the rich music and live show at a place like the Freedom Park.


  • Shop everywhere

One thing you are bound to notice in Lagos is that you can shop almost anywhere even on the road while stuck in traffic. All over the city, there are several markets for different needs. For computer related products, for instance, the Ikeja Computer Village is a popular place for it. There are the second-hand product markets and the upscale markets like the malls. At the malls, you will find foreign designer stores, cinemas etc. As there is usually traffic on some roads, you will find traders hawking their products during traffic jams.


  • Longest Canopy Walk in Africa

If you are a lover of nature, the Lekki Conservation Centre is a place to visit. Take a walk through the trail observing the surrounding flora and fauna. At about 401 meters long, the LCC canopy walkway is the longest in Africa. You are bound to have an amazing experience here.


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