Tips for Ladakh Bike Trip
March 7, 2017

It is not just having a leather jacket, funky sun glasses, some swag stuffs and full tank bike accomplishes you as a tremendous bike rider. Some routes need much more. Sometimes, your courage, skills and intelligence are the correct ingredients you may need. A bike trip on Leh- Manali highway is the biggest challenge you can face as a bike rider. On 469 km journey, your ability to fight against all odds would be tested.

In India or in Abroad, a bike trip to Ladakh is always the dream of an adolescent. But, it is really more difficult than what you expect. So, we are going to give you some specific tips which can help you in passing the barriers on the way.

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• Proper Research

The key to success for every mission is the paper work you do before the actual execution. The same goes with this mission. Do proper researches like the route you want to take, the necessary halt, the place you would stay and the fix the places you want to visit in your trip. All these aspects should be considered and planned well. Also, the most important is to look to your fitness, as this trip would not be the same like other, it is much difficult and need inner strength.

• Prepare Your Bike

First of all the most important choice you have to make is, to choose the correct bike. Take that bike which is more comfortable according to you and easily managed, though heavy bikes like Enfield is best suited but, no point to take it if you are not comfortable to it.
The next part is to prepare your bike and service it properly, as it is very long journey, it is better to be safe and sure.

• Smart Packing

You will need many important things during this bike trip. First of all try to keep fewer luggages but useful one. Keep woollen clothes jacket for sure. Other than these have your sunglasses, helmet, gloves and shoes, as you need all these while driving. Also, choose a bag which you can hang, it will be suitable and some rain clothes, so if the rain comes you would be ready.

• Check Your Documents

During your ride to Ladakh, you will pass various reasons which have very tight military security. At that time you must have all the original documents with you like, driving licence, green card, documents of bike and insurance paper, to avoid any trouble. Also, if you are going to visit any restricted area, you must have permission with you.

• A Medical Kit

A proper medical kit is very important before any trip. To enjoy your Ladakh Holidays without any tension, just keep important things in your medical kit like tablets of head ache, acidity, fever, pain also keep bandage, and few antiseptic creams.

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