Explore The Royalty of India with Famous Two Luxury Train
June 8, 2018

Browse the Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra and well yet other States during a train trip in India. Golden Truck, Maharaja’s Express, Palace on Wheels or Deccan Odyssey are some of the trains of legend, the impeccable service. They allow you to visit the country, comfortably installed in your private cabin.

A train trip in India leads you toward the cities and cultural sites the most famous in the country. Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, the reserve of the tigers of Tadoba or even the Caves of Ajanta and the edges of sea of Goa will be some of the steps that will mark your stay in India.

The train has a particular importance in India. This country, among the most populous of the planet, has a rail network very extended. In addition to the famous trains of legend that we have just mentioned, you can also consider to borrow the trains used by the Premises. From city to city, you gaze then of landscapes all beautiful also and agrementerez your holiday experience of a train trip shared with the Indian peoples of the North and the South.

Here, we talk about India Most popular 2 luxury train Maharaja Express and Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels

A journey on board the royal train, Palace on Wheels train  will give you a genuine overview of the modes of royal life of the great and famous sovereigns who did the act in Rajasthan. Can you imagine such a Maharaja installed aboard this train well equipped, just as you would not have been able to be, otherwise than by living in a palace or Fort opulent.

The staff in delivered, a ethnic decor and refined will seduce you on this circuit to the discovery of the heritage of the North of India aboard the legendary Palace on Wheels. Some of its specific characteristics are that this train is different of the other.

With the Palace on Wheels, you can indeed visit the destinations most famous of India. The royal travel aboard the Palace on Wheels lasts a week. This train offers a splendid interior, comfortable and luxurious. The ambiance and atmosphere of this luxury train transport you to the Royal time. This luxury, which was a mode of life at the time where the Maharajas and Maharanis reigned in supreme masters, is here recreates for you.

Its comfort, its modern amenities and its historic charm make this train is comparable to any other. The Palace on Wheels has been ranked among the 10 best trains of luxury in the world. It began to circulate on a regular basis in October 1982 and has received the honors of the PATA Gold Award in 1987.

The efforts of renovation and maintenance of this train have conferred a remarkable success and a worldwide popularity. The concept of this historic train is palpable in the decoration of the different cars which bear the name of the states of Rajasthan.

Palace on Wheels

Maharajas Express

The train, which rightly can customize at the time the style, luxury and grandeur Maharajas Express, enjoys the status of being the luxury train of India most sumptuous. What it offers is much more than a train trip, it makes you explore the sites of the most exotic and colorful India, as well as the strong marked by the fighting, the palace to the greatness and breathtaking charm to malicious, the wild Parks and Reserves surrounded by mountains and the natural beauty of lakes and rivers.

All-in-one, the trip to edge of the Maharajas’ Express offers a kaleidoscope merry that attracts you thanks to its magic wealth and its incredible variety.

Maharajas Express


The luxury train which was launched in 2010 offers a view of the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultures and heritage of which India is staffed. The train travel through some of the most captivating landscapes in India, covering some of the tourist destinations most known, including Delhi, Bombay, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthambore, etc.

The mixture of beautiful landscapes, culture charismatic, of various traditions and history mystique of the India takes life in the 5 Itinerary of the Maharajas’ express that Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has recently launched – Legacy of the India, Treasures of India, the jewels of the India, Indian Panorama and Indian splendour.

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