Boosting Travel through Technology – Relax, your travel will only get easier!
February 9, 2017


Tired of standing in long queues for booking a ticket? Disappointed with not getting a ticket even after a long wait? Those days are almost over, thanks to advancements in travel technology and to travel companies embracing these advanced technologies. This has led to the birth of what we can term as the travel-tech industry that is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Going forward, the travel tech industry is set to boom and show rampant growth, thanks to the changing trends in the travel and tourism and to the growing demands of the modern traveller.

Technological applications and innovations such as ‘’ travel software for tour operators’’, ‘’tour management software’’, ‘’travel agency software’’ have been among the initial set of software tools created to ease the process of travel planning and ticket booking. The next few years, however, will see a progressive growth of technological tools that will create a significant change in the way travel is done.

Let’s observe some of the technological trends that are set to change the way we undergo the travel experience:

Travel Assistant:  The moment you think travel, the name of your travel agent rings in the mind. Some travel experts are of the opinion that in the coming years technology aided ‘’travel assistants’’ will enhance the services; the role of the travel agent will be redefined. The travel assistant or agent of the future will be a progressed version of what we now call – Chat bots. Even as we are speaking, chat bots are been virtually ‘’employed’’ by travel companies to carry out minor functions such as – answering queries, helping in search etc. Of course, it will be time before we have intelligent chat bots that help travelers with various requirements and impromptu, but until then the chat bots will have to be content with easing the booking process.

Automation: Automation is the name of the game as we move forward since every business sector is looking to embrace this concept in a view to simplify processes. The travel industry is eagerly looking towards automation to avoid errors, save time and costs and more importantly, increase efficiency. A few airlines and airports have taken the initiative to ensuring that the number of check-in points is minimized even as some hotels are looking to avoid wait-in times at the front desk for both check-in and check-outs. In the time to come, do not be surprised, if the door to your room automatically opens as you approach and your favorite music is on when you enter!

Io T: Internet of things is set to move into people lives sometime in the future, and travel industry is only happy to embrace the concept. The Io T will redefine the way the entire travel cycle is experienced, from booking tickets, to inflight experience to hotel stays.  Imagine getting alerts of the flight schedule/take off or on the hotel stay and amenities on your smartphone, live and updated as things change. It is like having everything related to travel at your finger tip. Inter connectivity of devices combined with some intelligent analytics will hope to achieve this in the near future.

Ease of Payments: The last few months have taught us the importance of going cashless or making payment via online transfers. In the good old days standing in line to pay the cash in hand for a ticket was a common procedure; digital platforms are now ensuring we do not undergo that process, at least in the major cities in the country. Booking online and paying online is fast becoming a trend that is only set to grow in popularity as we move past this decade. Mobile applications promoted by  banks and travel companies alike have cut down the complexity of payments and brought this down to a few clicks on your smartphone. The nation is aiming to go digital and cashless. This will ease the burden of carrying cash during your travel; you will soon have many roadside eateries, hotels and shops in small towns take payment through a smartphone.

Travel planning and booking a flight (bus or train) within the available budget involved a good amount of time and a lot of running around in the past.  Internet access, digitization and competition among st players, have all combined to change the travel landscape. This has prompted the players to work towards creating a better travel experience in order to woo and sustain customers for longer periods. Technological advancements came to the rescue as these technologies have begun to aid the companies in a way like never before and assist in creating a much more hassle free and enjoyable travel experience.

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