May 16, 2017

9 Tips on How to Safely Blend in with Different Cultures when Travelling

How do you act or behave in a place with a different culture? While it’s a good thing to stand out from the crowd in your home countries, being different in another country as people are noticing you is quite troublesome. To help you to get away from the worse situations, read the following to […]

Why do people travel?

Before we can understand why people travel, you have to understand the meaning and how it’s separate from vacationing. The meaning of travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any reason and for any length of time, without or with any way of transport. Travel can also include relatively short […]


Chittorgarh Fort

Bappa Rawal founded Chittorgarh, one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan, in the mid-8th century AD. Chittorgarh Fort is built over 180 m high rocky hills of the Aravalli Ranges. The fort provides great strategic importance to Chittorgarh. The fort has seven gates, namely, Padan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jorla Pol, Lakshman […]


Amber Fort

Amber Fort is 11 km from Jaipur and served as the capital of the Kachhwaha dynasty for almost six centuries before the creation of Jaipur. Various rulers like Raja Man Singh, Raja Jai Singh I and Raja Jai Singh II constructed the buildings within the fort. The architecture of Amber Fort is a classic blend […]